Client Testimonials


we were visiting and read the great reviews on yelp so decided to give this shop a shot.  The heat, sun and pool had killed my girls hair and since it’s vegas she wanted to look hot for a night out …. so we went with a new cut and put some life/color back in her hair.

This salon is really nice and spacious – they invested some money in the decor. Alice knew exactly what to do with her hair.

Always nice to have your girl turning heads as you walk around town.

— Brett J.

Alice is AH-MAZING! Seriously. After ten loooong years of having by hair cut my a mediocre (and occasionally God-awful) stylist, a friend recommended me to Alice Matthews.

WOW. From the first time she cut my hair, I was hooked. she’s incredibly efficient and confident in his craft, not to mention hilarious. I came away in love with my hair again!

With my old stylist, on each visit, I would have some complaint about my newish bright red hair that I had started to do myself. What a pain in the butt upkeep was, etc. I had also mentioned that I had been after hombre highlights for AGES but my previous stylist didn’t know how to do them. She told me more than once that she could totally do it for me and yesterday I finally went in and had her go for it.

My hair looks so awesome. No lie! I love, love, LOVE the way my hair looks! There’s really no going back now.

The salon is super cool too, in a great, bright location with a welcoming atmosphere and amazing everything. Everyone is so friendly.

Ohh, I also recommend Alice to a friend of mine, to do Color Correction, I went with my friend down to Montage Hair Studio, while my friend got her color correction, and it turned out perfect. Honestly I was in awe, Alice is so good, she took messed up hair color and created a perfect hair color in about 3 hours..

— Melissa H.

I am a bit psycho when it comes to my locks. I have never gone to the same stylist more than 2 or 3 times because they could never get it right. I bet I have tried 100 salons in Vegas over the years and was never satisfied. They could either color well, but cut disastrously, or cut great but couldn’t style right, etc.  Your stylist has a huge impact on your appearance, ya know?

After extensive research on finding an awesome colorist, Kim at Montage was recommended. After my first visit, I was completely transformed. I swear I looked like a different person! The attention, care and great price cannot be matched anywhere in this town.  I believe a cut/color from Kim is reasonably priced given the competition (she smokes them!) and the quality of service she provides.

Kim has been my stylist for eight years now and I can’t even imagine going to anyone else – it would totally feel like cheating. I have never had a bad haircut or color. So many people have asked me about my hair and several friends and coworkers are now loyal to her as well.

Oh and the new Montage is just beautiful, very impressive, with a Merle Norman studio attached to it!  And they sell all the products from Moroccanoil….yummmmmm!

— Lisa D.

This is a review I wrote for Tammy back in December 2011 (nothing has changed, my hair still looks and feels amazing):

Tammy Lord is maybe the #1 most amazing hairdresser ever and I am hating myself as I write this review since everyone is going to want to go to her after (and I will never get in to see her) but still, she needs to props she deserves!!! I don’t really know how she hasn’t been reviewed yet by anyone else but I guess I will be the first. Tammy has taken my hair from major BLEH to people think my hair looks amazing 6 months+ after its been done by Tammy. Perfect color, perfect cuts EVERY TIME. I guess what spurned this review after so long(I’ve been her client for a few years) is that I just had my hair done here in San Diego by someone else and I almost cried when he took the towel off my head. The color was NOT right. He used the bleach for the highlights but totally effed up my low-lights (Tammy, if you are reading this, I’m coming in in January…I need you). They do not match my hair AT ALL. My sister and mom go to Tammy as well. They came down to see me for Thanksgiving last week, took one look at my hair and said…why is it orange? You need to go see Tammy ASAP. To top it off, he cut these randoms bits of my hair different odd lengths “to make it healthy” so my hair looks all choppy and short in some places and long in others. It’s just awful. And if you’ve seen my profile pic, you’ll see my hair and see how beautiful it is thanks only to Tammy (pic was taken in February, 2 months after she did it). So it’s true folks. Tammy is a miracle worker. She’s fixed my hair before when its been botched by these people here in SD and I’m sure this won’t be the last time she’ll have to do it. She’s also incredibly smart, interesting, funny and will always make you feel better about yourself after sitting in her chair for a few hours. It’s like a therapy session + hair therapy session…what could be better? And don’t even let me forget her head massages…OMG. I gotta stop here because now, Tammy is going to be busier than ever. Love love love you Tammy!
UPDATE (11/1/2012): I still go to Tammy even though I don’t live in Las Vegas anymore. I have 100% complete faith in her and will never go see anyone else..

— Ali B.


Whatever look you’re going for, Alice nails it! She has done my hair for dozens of photoshoots in every style from pinup to punk – and every single time, this amazing stylist has completely rocked it! She is that rare hairdresser who is equally great at working with short and long hair, natural or extensions. Alice has created gorgeous flowing looks and then turned around partway through a shoot and turned it into a sexy, edgy faux-hawk.

I swear, Alice Matthews is more magician than beautician. I don’t have particularly full or lush hair, but if you see any pictures where she’s styled it, you’d swear I was related to a Disney princess. If I ever win the lottery, I’m snapping her up to be my personal stylist!

I’ve recommended her to several close friends for wedding hair and makeup as well. Alice really listens to what her client wants and that personal touch and great attitude elevate her above!

— Angela W.

Beautiful shop.  My husband & I have gone to Felice, the owner, for over 20 years.  This is a new location for her shop.   Good service, you won’t be disappointed…

— Vicki A.